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Over a period of time , we used to get many similar questions from our clients over phone and email when they plan to book our guest house .  We are posting some of that Frequently Asked Questions here so that you don’t have to ask it again .

  •  Is this property directly  accessible by road if we are coming in a big vehicle ? 

Yes . It is . This property is located on the way just 2 km short of MB College of Engineering and even regular sized bus can reach there .

  • How many persons can comfortably stay in your Guest house ?

5-6 persons will be the recommended  number .  we are not expecting a really large group as it will be inconvenient to the whole group

  • I am a solo traveller . Can I rent just a room instead of the whole house ?

Since the Guest house is not divided in to individual cottages and we are renting it as a single unit , we can not rent just one room . Even if you are alone or just two persons , it make sense to occupy the full house since it gives you complete privacy . The house and the full  one acre property  is for you to explore

  • Can I park my car in your property ? or should I have to leave it outside the gate ?

Yes , you can . We have a proper driveway up to the front and back doors and you can comfortably park your vehicle either on the front side or back side of the house .

  • How equipped is your kitchen ?  Do you have all the utensils for a full fledged cooking ?

Our Kitchen is loaded with basic amenities for making tea , toasting bread or making chapathi.  We have a mini fridge , Water purifier , Gas Stove , frying pan and plates and glass to serve your food and beverages. Do not expect a full sized kitchen for a master chef . We believe you are on vacation and cooking will be your last priority

  • is this property located in an isolated area  ?  How safe it is for senior citizens ?

It is not an isolated place . It is located in a clam and serene village . Even though you can enjoy the privacy of your place , the guest house is located in a place where you have a couple of friendly neighbours . Even though it is a hilly there are no wild animals either in this area . It is safe for Senior citizens

  • I am a disabled person . Do you have any ramps for wheel chair to access your guest house rooms ?

You can access our guest house through the extra door which is wheel chair friendly and you can move inside our house in wheel chair .  The way to river is not suitable for a solo disabled person as you can not drive your wheel chair through the steep way

  • How can I arrange food if I am not planning to cook ?  I am lazy to drive to nearest township just to bring some food 

We made arrangements  with some nice restaurants   in Kuttikkanam . Just check the menu cards and order your food by dialling them directly  and it will reach your doorsteps .

  • Will you arrange a camp fire for the guests ?  is it part of the package ?

We have a perfect place on the back of our property for a camp fire . If you are in a mood for camp fire our caretaker will arrange some wood and other basic stuff for the camp fire . You just have to pay the cost of the materials as we are sourcing it from the local market when you demand it . It is not part of the package of you stay .  

  • Is the river near your house is safe to swim ?  is it safe for children ?

It is a safe shallow river . Small children surely need an adult supervision . Spend your quality time on riverside before 10 AM and after 4 PM as local persons are using the river in between these timings


These are some of the frequently asked questions we have come across .  If you have any more questions , please use the comment box to raise your questions . We will answer them here


8 Responses so far.

  1. Mahinshah says:

    How about the mobile network coverage there?

    • admin says:

      Idea , Jio and all major service providers have full coverage here . we are using Jio Link for our internet connection and it is offering 20 MBps

  2. I booked for 24 th sep 2017 , yesterday but didnt get a confirmation mail. Kindly do the needful

  3. Wills Thomas says:

    please let me know what is other source of payment for booking the property for December16th, can you please send your
    bank account number for payment.

    • admin says:

      December 16th is already booked as shown in the availability calendar. if you need to book any other day , we can send you the bank data , please dial us on 9061055469 for any clarification

  4. Saji job says:

    Your rent(24 hours)?

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